• Well known but often forgotten beauty hacks
  • Well known but often forgotten beauty hacks

    Well known but often forgotten beauty hacks

    Being the beauty enthusiast I am, I am always looking for ways to make life a little easier when it comes to getting ready. I’m no make-up artist but find these little hacks so helpful and thought I would share with my 5 well known but often forgotten about beauty hacks that I love.

    Fuller lips

    For fuller lips I will start off by applying a highlighter over my cupids bow, which really helps the lip line to stand out. This is especially great for anyone that has had fillers as you can loose that definition around the lip line. Next line your lips, always starting from the outer corner working up to cupids bow for fuller look. Lining your lips will also help your lipstick stay on longer and look more polished. For an extra plump look, apply your lipstick in an ombre style. Start with a darker colour in the corners moving to a lighter shade in the centre for that extra pop.

    Make Up Mishaps

    Don’t you hate it when you have just spent 20 minutes on your eye shadow and then when you apply your mascara, you get it on your eyelid. My favourite way to remove this is by dipping a cotton bud in make up remover, gently dabbing the area and using a make up brush to blend the eye shadow back into place.

    You can use a similar technique with eyeliner. Take a small angled make up brush, dip in make up remover and tidy up any lines, blending everything back into place after with a beauty blender.

    Setting Your Face

    When I’m going for a more natural look, I don’t always want to use a heavy powder over the top of foundation. Applying powder with a damp sponge or beauty blender gives a flawless finish, makes the powder feel a lot lighter and less cakey.

    Brighten Your Eyes

    Next time you are making yourself a green tea, don’t throw away the teabag. Instead pop it in the fridge for a couple of minutes then apply to your eyes for cooling, brightening look.

    Natural Straight Hair

    If you are somebody like me who has to straighten their hair after washing, be sure to straighten your hair inwards for a more natural look. When you get to about a third from the bottom, hold the hair and turn the straightener inwards. Ensure to use a heat protectant and then apply serum to finish the look. I like to use Elemis superfood oil, although its meant for the face, it leaves my hair silky and glossy.

    What are your beauty Hacks? Leave me a comment letting me know!

    CL x

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