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    I saw a post on instagram the other day about how it feels like the 74th January.. and doesn’t it just? Were right in the midst of winter at the moment, and although I love January, I am excited for some warmer weather and lighter evenings.

    Not only does the cold weather put pressure on our immune systems, it can also cause our hair and skin to become dry and lose it’s texture due to less moisture in the air outside, and heat blasting in every room indoors. 

    Here are my top 6 winter wellness tips:

    Use Oils

    Its so important to keep our skin moisturised during the winter months, but using a luxurious oil-based moisturiser is best as it helps to really lock the moisture in. Moisturising several times a day will keep skin soft and nourished. Scientific research has shown essential oils have have antibacterial properties so if you are feeling a bit run down this January, try to incorporate some essential oils into your beauty routine.

    Overnight Moisturise

    Nobody likes dry skin, following on from the above, dryer areas such as hands, feet, elbows and knees tend to lose moisture faster than any areas on the body so using a luxury moisturising balm at night, then wearing cotton gloves and socks to seal in the moisture until morning will keep skin feeling soft.

    Talking of dry skin, slightly less glamorous – dry scalp can be prevented with a regular oil massage. Add a few drop of lemon juice to the oil and do this at least once a week.

    If you want to be a moisturising pro, be sure to moisturise when your skin is still damp after showering. This is the optimal time to give our skin hydration. Products with vitamin C & E in will give added radiance.

    Keep Hydrated

    In previous posts I’ve talked about the importance of staying hydrated, it’s the number one rule in the beauty world – keep hydrated all year round. If you find it hard to drink 2 litres of water a day, eating foods high in water content can help hydrate our skin from the inside out. Watermelon, apples, oranges, kiwis, and watery veggies like celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and carrots are all high in water content and also have lots of vitamin C in.


    Again, something I know I always talk about – but so many people don’t wear SPF in winter and its just as important as wearing SPF in the summer. Although there is less UVB around in winter, levels of UVA are still significant enough to age our skin. I love to wear a suncream specifically with a high UVA rating all the year round to protect my skin from the suns ageing effects. 


    We often forget to exfoliate in the winter especially when our legs aren’t out and we’re not showing off a golden glow, yet without exfoliating, moisturising won’t be as effective as the dead cells are in the way. An exfoliating mask is great for our face and hands, and especially in the winter I love to use a gentle exfoliator on my lips then moisturise immediatlely after to keep them soft.

    Stay away from anything too powdery.

    Powder can make fair skin look duller, in the winter, my go to is a moisturising CC Cream (Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream has been a favourite of mine for a while) I also like to use one shade warmer than my skin tone.

    To get the glow in the winter, use a luminous primer instead of a traditional matte one and if you are wearing foundation, go for one with a creamier base, which glides smoothly over the skin. For extra glow, opt for a liquid highlighter and apply it to the skin with a damp beauty blender sponge.

    What are your favourite winter wellness tips for staying healthy and glowy all year round?

    CL x


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