• The White Company Spa Edition
  • The White Company Spa Edition

    The White Company Spa Edition

    The White Company is one of my favourite, most visited boutiques. From their range of beautiful candles to luxurious linens, everything is so clean and crisp yet so cosy and homely.

    A couple of months ago I discovered they had brought out an at home spa range, so before I knew it, in my basket I had diffusers, bath salts, rich moisturisers and everything else in between, so thought it would only be right to pop together a post letting you know what I’ve been loving from the range.

    A special mention goes to the packaging, which just as you would expect from The White Company is simple yet chic and every bit as pleasing to the eye as you would imagine.

    Firstly lets talk about the ‘Spa Relax Super Glow Body Polish’ This is one of the first products I used from the range and the fragrance I can only describe of that of the aroma when you are indulging in a luxurious massage at a spa. The ingredients include lavender, sage and peppermint giving that fresh scent and creating a relaxing mindset. It’s a great exfoliator, which leaves skin radiant and glowing, ready to be pampered.

    Also in the range, is a Hand and Body Wash and Balm. There’s nothing I love more than walking into a bathroom that has ‘posh soap.’ I have these in the restore fragrance, which is refreshingly cool and rejuvenating. The whole White Company Spa range is part of their naturals collection, with essential
    oils and a pure natural base. The wash is very conditioning, not leaving the skin feeling dry at all and the balm is so soft and nourishing.

    The Spa Restore Diffuser is a subtle way to fragrance any room to lift and boost your mood. I have one of these in my bedroom and we also have a few around the house and bathrooms (slightly obsessed.) Again, made from natural essential oils, the fragrance is just beautiful.

    To go with the diffuser, I had to get the Spa Restore Candle. Somebody once said to me that burning a posh candle is essentially money up in smoke.. which I guess is true but it hasn’t stopped me yet.. oops. Money can’t buy the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation that I feel when I burn a White Company Spa candle.

    Another item I picked up in my first White Company Spa haul were these Pulse Point Oils. I choose one in relax and one in restore. These are to help you unwind before bed or de-stress on the go and are the perfect size to keep on your bedside table or in your handbag.

    The whole White Company Spa range is inspired to capture home life, everyday luxury and those small moments and in my opinion has done that perfectly. I would recommend to everybody to talk one element of the collection and tailor to your own every day routine to create your own ‘at home spa’ environment that you can indulge in.

    There are so many more products in the range – as well as the ones mentioned above I have also tried the ‘Spa Restore Muscle Soothing Luxury Bath Soak’ which I have completely used up so couldn’t photograph but they are the most dreamy bath crystals.

    Leave me a comment letting me know if you have tried anything from the range or if you would recommend anything from it that you think I should try.

    Happy relaxing..

    CL x

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