• The podcast edition: Best of beauty
  • The podcast edition: Best of beauty

    The podcast edition: Best of beauty

    I find it so fascinating to listen to podcasts. I’ve only really gotten into them this year, whether that’s because I’ve moved out on my own and it’s something to listen to… but I’m hooked. I guess it’s a more millennial version of listening to an audio book if that wasn’t millennial enough already. I tend to find I go into auto mode and put on a podcast whether I’m doing my make up, if I’m just making a cup of tea to enjoy whilst sitting on my sofa, or even when I’m ‘hinching’ my sink.

    Today I’m rounding it up into my top 5 favourite beauty related podcasts to listen to. There are so many out there, and some of the ones below aren’t solely beauty, but I find the beauty content they do create is some of the best.

    The first podcast channel I started listening to was ‘Sheer Luxe.’ Sheer Luxe is an online magazine founded by Georgie Coleridge Cole featuring news, views and edits on all things relevant and desirable for the modern day woman. I’ve read their online magazine for years, and love their YouTube channel, so when I found out about the podcast – I had to tune in. They talk everything from fashion, to beauty, to culture to lifestyle and have even now started to introduce success story collaborations. I loved the edit with Jo Malone and there was a really educational feature earlier this year on Dermatologists favourite beauty products. The thing I love about Sheer Luxe is how chatty it is, you feel like you’re listening to your friends whilst chatting over a coffee and it brings you up to date on all the real life affairs – its like listening to the news, but only the good interesting bits!

    Another podcast I have recently got into is On The Line with Estee Lalonde. Estee is literally like a modern day agony aunt. She’s so relatable, down to earth and has so many wise words. Her podcast features the best ‘Girl Chat’ and really does feature such relatable topics such as break ups, being single, friendship and everything in between. If you’re looking for a lighthearted podcast to listen to, I’d definitely say to tune into this one.

    Taking it back to beauty, Full Coverage – the beauty podcast by Lindsey Kelk and Harriet Hadfield is the ultimate podcast for beauty addicts. Harriet is a professional make up artist and Lindsey Kelk is the author behind some of my favourite books – they discuss everything that’s happening in the world of make up, skincare and Haircare from Meghan Markles make up looks to skincare secrets with the founder of Elemis.

    Another way to get your daily beauty fix is by listening to ‘At Home with… by Lily Pepples and Anna Newton’ In this series, Lily and Anna interview a whole range of guests from Zoella to Tanya Burr to Caroline Hirons and even dive into the wardrobe of Jo Elvin.

    Finally, I couldn’t not mention The Emma Guns Show. This podcast actually came up as a recommendation due to being in the top 10 on the iTunes chart – that’s how good it is! Emma talks everything from health, to beauty, to wellness so if listening to all things retinol, quitting sugar, the benefits of waking up early and interviews with some of the best in beauty such as Alessandra Steinherr sound like things you’d love to listen to – definitely check out The Emma Guns Show.

    I feel like I’ve become a self-confessed podcast addict. They’re just so easy to listen to, yet educational at the same time.

    I’d love to know your favourite beauty podcasts, is there anything I am missing out on?

    CL x

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