• The Fragrance Edit: Gabrielle Chanel
  • The Fragrance Edit: Gabrielle Chanel

    The Fragrance Edit: Gabrielle Chanel

    A fragrance is part of everyone’s routine. Spritzing a perfume before I leave the house or using a scent in my pampering routine is something I will do every day, and without I feel bare and incomplete.

    We all have that signature scent, it can be your recognisable characteristic, it can remind us over a special person, a lover, a parent, a grand parent or a special moment in your life.

    There are few, if any other fragrances as iconic as a Chanel. From No.5 to Chance to Madamoiselle.. I was lucky enough to receive a sample of Gabrielle Chanel from Glamour Beauty Club and fell in love with the scent, I went out and bought the full size bottle straight away.

    The first thing I love is the bottle. The delicate yet classic design is elegant and sophisticated (just as you’d expect from Chanel) It’s available in two sizes, 50ml and 100ml and they start at £79.

    With it’s fresh, feminine, floral scent, Gabrielle is the ideal day or night perfume. To me, it captures that scent of walking into a glossy department store, it is mostly fruity and floral, with notes of jasmine, fresh orange blossom and shimmering ylang-ylang, creating such a wearable, beautiful fragrance.

    It’s out now, and you can buy it from John Lewis and find it in Boots stores as well as Chanel boutiques ofcourse.

    Have you tried Gabrielle Chanel? Were you as in love with it as I am?!

    CL x


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