• Sunday Evening Pamper Routine
  • Sunday Evening Pamper Routine

    Sunday Evening Pamper Routine

    A relaxing day at the spa is something we all dream of but not always something that we can fit into our busy schedules, which is why on Sunday evenings I like to bring the spa to my home.

    To set the tone and create the perfect ambience for my Sunday night in, I like to run a bath, dim the lights and light my Elemis Life Elixir’s fortitude candle. The Elemis LifeElixirs collection is beautiful, they do a range of aroma’s including calm, fortitude, sleep, embrace and clarity. My personal favourite is the fortitude collection to bring balance back into life, it has a luxurious uplifting aroma and creates that much needed moment of calm.

    I will add 3 capfuls of my calming bath and shower elixir oil to running bath water. You can also use this as a body wash. The scent is heavenly and it leaves my skin soft and moisturised.

    I’ll make myself a hot cup of herbal tea and breathe in the indulgent scents that the elemis collection has filled my bathroom with. Bliss..

    What are your Sunday evening plans?

    CL x

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