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    In the beauty world, I’d say skincare is up there, if not at the top of the list when it comes to importance. The skin is our bodies largest organ, it works every day to protect our body from harmful elements, it’s also the biggest barrier against infection that we have and keeping our skin healthy and moisturised keeps this barrier strong so it can do its job properly.

    Skincare is something thats always interested me, from the days when I trained as a beauty therapist to the years I spent working in salons and spas, its a subject that I could listen to people talk about endlessly. I truly believe great skin comes from understanding skin, theres a huge scientific element to it, but its also fun, with so many new products and treatments being launched continuously, and so much research and development going into professional skincare treatments, there is always going to be something new to learn and discover. 

    I’ve been lucky enough to train with and use some of the top skincare brands in the industry, favourites including Dermalogica, Elemis and ESPA. This has meant that I’ve also been able to recreate the salon treatments at home and incorporate the professional products into my own skincare routine, which a few years ago wasn’t something that was often spoken about or widely available. There are so many brands available to consumers on the high street offering skincare products these days, that it becomes difficult to choose a range, or keep one routine you can rely on when you really want to test the product thats getting all the hype on social media.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love changing products, testing new formulas and seeing the benefits of new products simply never gets old. But with trying lots of new products comes some not so positive results sometimes. When I find a product that appears to do wonders for my skin, I want to experience it every day, and one of the reasons I set up bycharlou in the first place was purely to document my favourite beauty finds so that if I’m ever stuck in a beauty rut, when I scroll back through posts, I can rediscover products I’ve once loved. 

    So heres for the exciting announcement, I’ve partnered with Dermalogica as one of their skinfluencers and they have sent over a little edit of products they think I would love based on a consultation about my skincare concerns and needs. Its one thing for a PR or another blogger to tell you how good a product is, but when you know you’ve used the product yourself and used it on clients before and seen amazing results, it allows for trust in a product and a brand. I’m only one week into rediscovering my love for Dermalogica, I’m starting to wonder why I stopped using some of these products and I’m currently loving my skincare routine, so in this post I will talk about what I’ve been using, but will be doing a full review later in the spring.

    First up, my double cleansing routine. I could write a whole post on double cleansing, but to keep it short I start my routine with the Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse. This is the first step of a professional Dermalogica facial and in the professional world of beauty would be the cleanser used before the skin analysis is done. The Pre-Cleanse is an oil consistency which melts away make up as well as removing oil without clogging pores, meaning its perfect for all skin types, think back to your chemistry lessons at school – it is said that like attracts like. Cleansers that are formulated with plant-based oils can melt the layers of oil-based debris on the skin as the oil molecules bond to each other. When mixed with water, the pre-cleanse then emulsifies and removes the trapped dirt. 

    After the pre-cleanse, this is when I will go in with my specialised cleanser. From my skin consultation, it was recommended that I used the special cleansing gel. The special cleansing gel is a soap free, foaming gel cleanser which again is good for all skin conditions. My skin is normal to combination, and this cleanser feels so refreshing but also calming as it contains Balm Mint and Lavender extracts to soothe the skin. Like all Dermalogica products, it is cruelty free and contains no artificial colours or fragrances. 

    The next product is one of my long term favourites, I used to use this religiously every day as part of my routine, the daily micro-foliant. I love that it comes in a powder form, and can be mixed with other products. Using it on its own mixed with water leaves skin super soft and feeling so clean, but for oily skin it can also be mixed with a salicylic acid – if you keep the salicylic acid in the fridge over night and use this method in the morning, it feels so refreshing! For a more sensitive or dry skin type, you can mix with a balm based cleanser and I’m sure I used to mix the micro-foliant with other Dermalogica enzymes in treatments for different skin concerns. Its a great multi-use product and a little goes a long way.

    Next a new product – not only for me, but for Dermalogica too. The Skin smoothing cream claims to infuse skin with 48 hours of continuous hydration and helps protect against environmental stress. It is infused with HydraMesh technology which in simple terms means it creates a mesh like barrier over your skin, protecting your skin from loosing moisture, as your skin can loose half a litre of water per day. Once applied it gradually releases powerful ingredients leaving skin smooth and glowing.

    Finally, each morning I am also using the Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer which has SPF30 in. This has been a lifesaver for those no make-up days and great to wear to the gym as it contains pearl powder and natural earth minerals which provide a tinted colour. Not only does it smooth fine lines, and brighten the skin prior to make up application, it is also a gorgeous velvety texture and creates the appearance of luminous, radiant skin and evens out skin tone.

    I’m so happy to have rediscovered Dermalogica at this time of year. Especially with spring round the corner, spring beauty is all about stripping it all back with lighter make up, barely there bases and a natural dewy complexion, and our skin underneath is what really makes the difference. A good skincare routine will set the tone for the day ahead and its great to know that these professional products that are scientifically and clinically proven to work are so easy to get hold of on the high street.

    CL x

    (This post is in collaboration with Dermalogica and includes gifted items, but as always all views are my own)

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