• Products I’ve been loving this month!
  • Products I’ve been loving this month!

    Products I’ve been loving this month!

    If you read my previous post you’ll know I attended Glamour Beauty Festival at the start of the month.
    I won’t ramble on about it as I wrote quite an in depth blog post and also filmed my first YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoNyOnxOsdg). I mentioned in that post about the goodie bag we received on the day. Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying and testing some of the products and I want to highlight my top 5.

    The great thing about the goodie bag is not only did it contain products from amazing brands I use every day, but also a few brands I hadn’t heard of and some bits in different fragrances/colours that I wouldn’t normally pick up.


    Top of the list, the number one product we received in the goodie bag that I’ve been loving this month is Guerlain, Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum. Everybody’s taste is different when it comes to fragrance, but this  sweet, fresh and feminine yet powerful scent is me all over. It contains ingredients from all over the world; Lavender from Provence, Sambac Jasmine from India, Sandalwood from Australia and Vanilla from Papa New Guinea. The scent lasts all day and smells so beautiful.

    Along with the perfume, we also received a full size body lotion. I always like to wear matching body lotions and perfumes so I have been applying this each morning, and not only does it smell incredible but its so moisturising, its left my skin feeling so soft.

    Would I re-purchase?

    ABSOLUTLEY YES – I can’t wait to go out and purchase the full size bottle (but how cute are these mini’s!)


    If you’ve seen any of my previous blog posts about my make up favourites, you will know that I’m a NARS girl through and through when it comes to concealer. I’ve used it religiously for the last year, whether that’s on full glam make up days or for a little bit of coverage on those no make up days.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Nude By Nature perfecting concealer that I received in the Glamour goodie bag. I have the colour Shell Beige, which works with my skin tone well. With NARS I would use Vanilla or Custard depending whether I want more of a brightening or natural effect. I’ve found this concealer does the job well, it’s a creamy texture – I would say its quite thick and slightly sticky, but it gives great coverage, lasts all day it does make my skin look glowy and dewy. I’ve had quite a few compliments over the last couple of weeks on my make up so can only put it down to this concealer.

    Would I re-purchase?

    When looking for this concealer online, I’ve seen it is around the £20 mark, which compared to NARS
    is very similar for a lot less product (5.9ml) and knowing how happy I am with NARS I probably wouldn’t repurchase.

    However I love that Nude By Nature is formulated with all-natural ingredients and free from toxins and synthetics. You can find their products on ASOS.


    I was so happy to see the Pixi Rose Tonic in this years goodie bag. I love Pixi products and have wanted to try this out for a while, so now’s my chance.

    I’ve really enjoyed using this toner the last couple of weeks. I’ve found it to be super refreshing, it feels a lot more soothing than some other toners as its alcohol free. Its got a gorgeous rose and elderflower scent to it, which quite honestly reminds me of a summers evening in the garden.

    Would I re-purchase?

    I feel like this toner is going to last me a while, I’ve been using twice a day for the last 2 weeks and its barely gone down but for £10 for 100ml I would definitely repurchase!



    I feel like I can’t write a full honest review on this, as the sample I received was quite a dark shade, however first impressions are really high based on the consistency, the glow it gave, the different ways it can be used and the way it left my skin looking.

    I mixed the sample with my CC cream as it was super dark and I wouldn’t have been able to get away with
    using it on its own, however since trying the sample I went to the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Selfridges and they matched me to shade 3 which is the light/medium coverage.

    It is such a multi-use product, you can apply it underneath foundation, blend it with your foundation to give you a more glowy/dewy look, pop it over your base on your cheekbones/ area’s you want to highlight or wear it all over the top of your foundation for a glossy look.

    Would I re-purchase?

    Yes – and I would have brought there and then at the counter if it was in stock!


    I’m such a newbie to dry shampoo. I’ve never really used it so when I received 3 dry shampoo’s in the goodie bag I thought I would give it a go. Out of the three, the Philip Kingsley One More Day was my favourite fragrance. I usually wash my hair every other day, but I’ve found I’ve been able to leave it ‘one more day’ as it says in the title which is great for when I don’t have so much time to wash/dry and style my hair.

    During this last week I went away with work and planned to wash my hair at the hotel but realised I’d
    forgotten my shampoo and conditioner when I got there (and there was no way I was using the hotels 2 in 1 mixed with body wash on my hair) so I used the dry shampoo and styled my hair and it looked freshly washed which was amazing and hence the reason its in my top 5 products I’ve been loving this month. I also felt my hair was more volumised and the curls stayed in longer which was an added bonus.

    Would I re-purchase?

    If I was buying dry shampoo, I would definitely purchase this one as I feel it’s a lot more luxurious than normal dry shampoos, however I do love the feeling of freshly washed hair so it might just be something I pop in my gym bag.

    Have you tried any of the products I’ve talked about? Or is there anything you’d recommend that you think I’d love? Let me know in the comments section.

    CL x


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