• New in: Topshop Beauty
  • New in: Topshop Beauty

    (This post includes gifted items, but as always all views are my own)

    You may have seen last month I posted about a new beauty range that I had added to my make up collection, that being Topshop Beauty.

    Since then I’ve continued to add to my collection and find myself reaching for a these products on a daily basis. I’m no make up artist and my every day make up look is very minimal, but I do love the essentials – a good base, good brows and a hydrating lip.

    If you haven’t seen my first post about the Topshop beauty range, you can find it here. For those of you who did read it, you will know I picked up the highlighter, glow drops, glow pot and lipgloss, which I managed to create a gorgeous glowy make up look with. This time I decided to try out some brow products and one of the Topshop Bronzers.

    Brows really do frame the face, so its important to find a good brow product that works for you, and although I have a couple of favourites, I’ve also tried a lot of brow products that just haven’t worked for me. I decided to pick up the Topshop Brow pencil in the shade Spike. Its a really natural soft brown shade, so works perfectly with my hair and skin colouring, but could also work well for darker hair types. I found the pencil to be really long lasting and doesn’t fade at all throughout the day – something I always look for in brow products. Its also great as it has a spoolie brush on the end so you can get a really natural effect by lightly sketching hair strokes to the brow area before blending with the brush side of the pencil.

    On top of this I have been applying the Topshop brow definer. If you are going to try anything from Topshop beauty, I would highly recommend this product, I can’t rate it enough. I knew I was going to like it when I went to look for it the day after it had arrived and I’d already put it in my every day make up bag instead of the drawer I usually keep make up bits in, and it has stayed in my make up bag and been used on a daily basis ever since. The first thing I loved about it was the fine applicator, which allows you to be really precise with your brows, and being so fine, it coats the hairs but doesn’t smudge onto the skin. Next I fell in love with the consistency, it starts of very liquid based but turns into a gel on the brows, leaving them completely smudge proof, and finally the colour – I got the shade charm, which again works perfectly for dark blonde/mousey brown hair but could also work on a darker hair type. Those who have read my blog since the beginning will know I am an avid Glossier boy brow fan, but this is a real contender to being my new favourite, and at only £10, its super easy to get hold of, and also contains twice as much product.

    Finally I got the Topshop shimmer bronzing powder in the shade Tawny. The packaging of this is so chic and sleek, with the matte black casing, and also housing a mirror inside, I am really suprised this only costs £15, and proves with most products, its the brand name you are paying for. I love the shade of the bronzer and the shimmer is very subtle if at all noticeable which makes it a great contouring product at the same time.

    What are your thoughts on the Topshop beauty range? Have you tried any of the products and if so what are your favourites?


    CL x

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