• Have you tried this affordable beauty brand?

    Have you tried this affordable beauty brand?

    I’m a true 90’s baby, I grew up watching Lizzie McGuire, listened the Spice Girls on my walkman, wore denim mini skirts and read Mizz magazine! Those were the days.. anyone with me? I also full on rocked the now cringeworthy dream matte mousse, blue eyeshadow and roll on glitter lipgloss trend that *thankfully* died at the end of the 90’s. 

    I always wonder if in 10 years the teens of this generation will be saying the same, and I wonder what it will be that they are cringing about from their high school days. One thing that is much more available to the teens of this generation is education around make-up and skincare, thanks to social media and beauty brands brining out affordable make up and skincare lines.

    I’ve shopped at Topshop since I was 12. It was the place to go back in the day for cargo pants and low rise flared jeans with holes in (enough of the 90’s) and its been a high street favourite ever since, so when Topshop asked me to partner with them as one of their beauty ambassadors I jumped at the chance.  

    Topshop has had a beauty line for nearly 10 years, however at the end of 2017, it started to dwindle out, that was because the brand had been giving their entire line a complete millennial focused makeover ready for the brand new launch in November last year. If you haven’t seen it already, think stylish, sophisticated, glamorous, matte and metallic chrome… and thats just the packaging. They’ve brought back some of the original products, remember the glow pots? – but also added in a whole load of lightweight long-lasting formulas suitable for a range of different skin types. One of the best things about the re-launch, is Topshop Beauty still remains budget friendly, with the products ranging from £4 to £16. It’s also completely cruelty free under the leaping bunny programme.

    The range includes everything from makeup basics, such as foundation and bronzer, to brushes and if you’re a fan of Topshop’s lipsticks and nail polishes there are now 83 lipstick shades and textures to choose from and 15 colour choices for your mani/pedi.

    If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I’ve been loving the no-make up, make up trend recently and this is one Topshop Beauty does perfectly. Not only is there an invisible foundation powder – which allows the perfect recreation of Meghan Markle’s signature look – an invisible foundation appearance. There is also a range of highlighters, in liquid and powder form, that are blendable and can be mixed with foundation, making the skin glow with a natural dewy appearance. 

    I’m going to be trying out some looks over the next couple of weeks and will be sure to report back and show you how I create a no-make up make up look, but I have to say I’m so happy Topshop Beauty is back and I’m loving the new affordable luxury range and they currently have 20% off here for students.

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