• Fashion Mumblr x L’occitane
  • Fashion Mumblr x L’occitane

    Fashion Mumblr x L’occitane

    This week I visited the beautiful new L’OCCITANE Flagship store on Regent Street, London for an evening of indulgence, (macaroons and prosecco) with the lovely Josie from Fashion Mumblr.

    L’OCCITANE is a brand I have used for years, I remember the first time I experienced L’OCCITANE was when mum and I picked up matching hand creams at the airport back in 2010 and ever since, the iconic scent of the hand cream fills me with happy memories of jetting off on holiday.

    So when I heard that Josie (one of my favourite bloggers) was holding an event with L’OCCITANE (one of my favourite brands) and it was on an evening I happened to be working in London, I jumped at the chance to head down to the store.

    Upon arrival we were greeted to the most instagrammable shop front and shortly after taken to have a look around the store. It was 20 years ago that L’occitane opened its first ever boutique in London and this is the brands first UK flagship store to open so to celebrate they wanted to do something slightly different by offering a multi-sensory journey where you as a customer can experience the beautiful textures, fragrances and sounds of Provence.


    Upstairs is home to a luxurious hand massage bar, situated in the L’OCCITANE lounge where you can sit back and relax with a hand and arm massage whilst enjoying a Pierre Herme macaroon observing the hustle and bustle of London’s busy Regent Street. L’OCCITANE have also opened a Bespoke Beauty Discovery Bar (my favourite kind of bar!) where they offer a range of personalized facial treatments… I couldn’t think of anything better after a busy day in London.


    After a look around it was time to sit down and enjoy a Q&A with
    Josie herself. I’m sure many of you follow Josie on social media already, but
    for those who don’t she writes the blog Fashion Mumblr and you can find her on
    social media under JosieLDN. I’ve followed Josie for the last 3 years and she
    is as beautiful and lovely in person as she is online. It was lovely to find
    out more about her and how she began her career in blogging as well as being
    introduced to her favourite L’OCCITANE products, all of which can be found in
    her own vanity pouch that she has created with L’OCCITANE.

    There are 5 products in the pouch meaning it’s the perfect way to
    discover the brand if you are new to L’OCCITANE, or if you are already familiar
    with some of their products and want the chance to test some other bits out
    before getting the full size I would highly recommend purchasing this.

    The first product in the pouch is the iconic lavender hand cream,
    this is the product I am most familiar with as I mentioned above, it’s the hand
    cream that first drew me to the brand. You get the full 30ml size in the pouch
    and it smells divine, its super nourishing and is so luxurious to use which is
    why it’s been a staple in my handbag for the last 8 years!

    Also included in the pouch is the Pivoine Flora Beauty Milk, this is
    the perfect travel size and is a really lightweight body milk containing Shea butter, making it extremely nourishing and perfect if you don’t want to apply anything too heavy when you get out of the shower.

    The next product is the Almond Shower Oil, this is great to use in
    the shower if you are in a rush as you are still getting that intense moisture
    without having to apply a moisturizer. It has a very luxurious
    feel to it and is super hydrating on the skin.

    Then we have the Precious Cream, which is one of the more premium
    L’OCCITANE products. This face moisturizer is anti-ageing, quite a rich formula
    so only the smallest amount is needed but has a lovely smoothing effect on the

    Finally, probably my favourite is the Immortelle Oil Make-up
    Remover. I actually used to have the full size version of this, it removes
    every single bit of make up including waterproof eye make up and has anti-ageing properties built into the oil. At the moment I have lash extensions
    so I can’t use this on my eyes, but even to just remove my face make up after a
    long day it really helps soothe the skin and remove any impurities that have
    built up during the day.

    The Fashion Mumblr pouch is still available and retails at £25,
    which is amazing for what’s included, and makes for a very enjoyable evening

    Whilst in store, we also had a sneak peek at the Overnight Reset
    Serum, which officially launched this week. I’d been sent a sample of this a
    couple of weeks ago and can honestly say its like massaging liquid silk into
    your skin. I can’t wait to get my hands on the full size.

    Next time I’m on Oxford St, I will be paying a visit to L’OCCITANE,
    being the perfect place to retreat to for a bit of pampering in between
    shopping. If you’re in the area I would 100% recommend you to do the same.

    What is your favourite L’OCCITANE product?

    CL x


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