• Beauty Etiquette 101
  • Beauty Etiquette 101

    Who knew beauty etiquette was even a thing?

    Beauty etiquette or good beauty manners are some of those things that we sort of pick up as we grow up. We might learn some beauty rules from our family members or friends but these 5 rules of beauty etiquette are things that every lady should be aware of, so to save any beauty dilemmas I’ve popped them below.

    Makeup at the Table

    Touching up lipstick, brushing hair, reapplying powder at the table – if it requires a mirror, memo is that you should excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. They don’t call the bathroom the powder room for no reason! A quick swipe of lip balm or lip gloss is ok but brushing your hair in public could be highly unhygienic, especially at restaurants.

    Girl Code

    If you notice someone has lipstick on their teeth – tell them! Do it discretely but keeping it to yourself doesn’t save anyone the embarrassment. 

    Wearing hair bobbles on wrist

    If you google this one, there are some pretty horrific stories on the internet about how a girl nearly died wearing hair bobbles around her wrist – trust me, google Audree Kopp! But if thats not enough to stop you, wearing hairbobbles around your wrist is considered to be childish, and even worse is when someone wears a hairbobble around their wrist thats tangled with hair. Save the space on your arm for a couple of pretty bracelets. 

    Strong Perfume

    Everybody knows one person who wears too much perfume. Perfume should never be too invasive. Avoid over applying perfume or wearing something too strong. To avoid being too fragrant, spritz perfume twice into the air, one a bit above your head, the other at chest level and walk through the mist. Alternatively just dab a tiny bit on your neck and wrists. Perfume is activated by body heat.

    Grooming in Public

    Filing your nails in public is a no no. Even the tiniest touch up is considered disrespectful in the beauty world, not to mention unhygienic. 

    And finally a beauty rule I know all about is not taking phone calls at the salon. I used to work as a beauty therapist, and there is nothing more awkward than trying to do someones nails who is holding their phone up to their ear. Also, there will be other people trying to relax in the salon so save any long conversations until you’re home.

    Are you guilty of committing any of these beauty Faux Pas? 

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