• An everything you need to know guide to sheet masking..

    (This post includes gifted items from PROCOAL, but as always all views are my own)

    I don’t know whether its part of getting older, but for me and I’m sure many of my friends if we were given the choice between a night out on the town or a night in with a good old pampering at home spa session, we’d be on the sofa in face masks quicker than you could even say prosecco. 

    Talking of face masks, if you follow me on Instagram, you will know my love for sheet masks these past few years. I love trying new ones and love the convenience of them, I tend to always pack a couple when travelling, use them on planes, in the car, just about anywhere. I still adore the old fashioned luxurious face masks, but just find sheet masks so much easier to apply therefore less mess and less stress! So today I am sharing my everything you need to know guide to sheet masking including what are they, where can you get them, and how to choose between them..

    So, what are they?

    I’m sure you all know the answer to this – the clue’s in the name. Its a face mask but in sheet form. A face shaped piece of fabric soaked in hydrating, vitamin and nutrient packed serums and the best part about it, there is no wash off process after, you can just massage in any remaining serum left on your skin after you remove the mask.

    Where can I get them?

    You can just about pick sheet masks up from anywhere these days, from supermarkets to drugstores to online retailers. Sheet masks originated from South Korea, became very popular in Asia as a whole and over these last few years have changed up the beauty industry with sales increasing by 60% in the last year.

    Whats good about them?

    They work fast. When you put a mask on your skin, you increase the water content. The paper in the mask seals in the ingredients to prevent them from evaporating and allows them to better penetrate into your skin, meaning if you’re looking for hydration they will be perfect for you.

    How much do they cost?

    Sheet masks can cost anything from £1 to £20+ per mask. Usually the higher price masks have a higher quality of ingredients, so always read the back. Theres no guide to how little or often to sheet mask, but a good time to use a sheet mask is when you want to hydrate or brighten your skin before an event.

    How do I know which one to use?

    Firstly, figure out the need. My mask routine tends to vary depending on how my skin is behaving. I’ve used a whole range of sheet masks, but have recently been trying the Marine Moisture Masks from PROCOAL. 

    This mask in particular is a hydrating charcoal sheet mask and contains antioxidants, so it will cover pretty much all skincare needs. Not only is it hydrating and moisturising, the charcoal is amazing for removing toxins from the skin. The charcoal in skincare is activated charcoal (so before you rush out to find your BBQ coals) look for face masks with an ingredient like activated charcoal in, if you want not only to hydrate the skin but to purify and cleanse at the same time. Activated charcoal is a magnet for dirt and oil and also fights breakouts. 

    When buying sheet masks, I always look for a mask with antioxidants in, as these help protect skin against molecules in the air that can cause cell damage, resulting in ageing over time.

    The great thing about the PROCOAL masks, is that along with the above you are also essentially putting a whole bottle of serum on your face and keeping it on there 20-30 minutes. Each masks contains 25ml of serum.

    A few things to consider..

    Steaming your face before applying a mask will open up your pores making it easier for the mask to lift any oil and dirt from your skin. The easiest way to do this is to fill a sink with hot water, soak a soft flannel and simply lay the flannel on your face for around 20 seconds.

    Your neck and décolletage is just as important when it comes to ageing, so don’t forget to massage the remaining serum onto your neck area one you remove the mask. 

    Although there are sheet masks out there that you can apply over the top of make up, for best results and for the full pampering experience, its best to use the sheet mask on a fresh clean face. If you have an event or occasion, using the mask first thing in the morning will allow the serum to soak into your skin over the course of the day.

    Finally, skip the post mask products. There is enough moisture in a sheet mask, so let the ingredients work their magic on your skin on their own.

    Are you a fan of sheet masking, and have you tested any of the PROCOAL masks before?

    CL x

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