• An afternoon of indulgence at Hollie Parkes Beauty
  • An afternoon of indulgence at Hollie Parkes Beauty

    Think floral, think millennial, think absolutely aesthetically perfect with oodles of style and class, thats exactly the experience you get when you step into the salon of Hollie Parkes Beauty. Located in Blushes, Worcester, Hollie has relocated into her best location yet, and being not only a brow queen, micro-blading specialist and make up artist, Hollie is also one of my long time besties and I’m so excited for whats to come with Hollie Parkes Beauty in the near future. 

    For anybody Worcestershire based, you may already know Hollie started up her beauty business in 2016, leaving the spa industry and moving in to a gorgeous studio, specialising in HD Brows, Micro-blading and Make up. Over the past couple of years, along with running her hugely successful business and having to expand once already, Hollie has continued to train with some of the best brow artists and brands there are, leading her on to today where she has her own team of beauty specialists and the treatment offering has increased. 

    On Thursday I was invited down to the salon to try out 2 of their brand new treatments. First up was the ‘Indulge and Unwind’ Mani with Nail Expert Lydia. This was a total luxury for me, as being from the beauty industry, I usually gel my nails myself at home, so to be able to sit down and be pampered with a 2 hour manicure was an absolute dream. I was offered a drink on arrival – of course I went for the prosecco, then taken upstairs to the treatment room, I nestled into a pink velvet chair and was offered an incredible array of 100 gel colours from The GelBottle to choose from.

    Every colour looked so gorgeous, rich, highly pigmented shades which are chip-resistant gel and the great thing about them is they have an amazing long lasting shine, so our mani’s can look perfect for weeks. Along with being one of the best, they are also vegan, cruelty and 10-free meaning they exclude the 10 most commonly used toxic ingredients in nail polish. After a file, shape and cuticle tidy, Lydia, painted the gel onto my nails with the most perfect application. I went for a Nude in shade which is the perfect colour for me. 

    Paint complete, I was then treated to a relaxing hand soak complete with a bath bomb and bubble bar from Lush Cosmetics. As you can probably imagine, the aroma of the treatment room was divine, and it was only about to get better when the next part of the treatment was a hand exfoliation, using Lush’ salted coconut hand scrub. I love how the whole treatment had been so carefully put together, with every second of it being about the experience. The products and fragrances used had been chosen with such attention to detail the professionalism and client care throughout the treatment was the best. Following the exfoliation, Lemony flutter cuticle butter was applied to my cuticles before my hands were placed into nourishing hand masks. By this point the ‘Indulging and Unwinding’ had thoroughly began, and whilst people watching over the streets of Worcester through the large dome shaped windows, I enjoyed a 10 minute neck and shoulder massage before Lydia finished the treatment with a soothing hand and arm massage. 

    2 hours sounds like such a long time, but it was the best 2 hours of my week and I absolutely adore this treatment. If your nails are in need of a pamper, I couldn’t recommend Lydia enough, the whole treatment was dreamy. Lydia also offers the ‘To The Rescue’ Mani & Pedi which are 1 hr 30 minute treatments, or if you just wanted to pop in to the salon and get your nails and/or toes done, you can opt for ‘The Basics’ Mani or Pedi made up of a file & shape, cuticle tidy, and an application of gel polish finished with cuticle oil.

    Following the manicure, I then got the chance to preview the brand new Elleebanna Lash Lift, which is the must have treatment of the moment that straightens natural lashes at the root then sets and tints them. You can see from the  before and after photo’s over on my instagram what a difference this has made to my lashes. I love anything fuss free and I haven’t worn any mascara since having the treatment, so many people have since commented about how green my eyes are. I feel the results are great if you want a fresh ‘wide awake’ appearance, and lets be honest, who wouldn’t want that?!

    The lash lift took around 1 hour, so that meant another hour of pampering for me and looking up at the beautiful flower ceiling! The results should last 4-6 weeks and I’ve already converted to this treatment. I personally prefer it to lash extensions as its more natural, it doesn’t involve any fumes, doesn’t sting at all and would be the ideal lash treatment pre-holiday. Its also a lot cheaper than last extensions at only £45 per treatment every 6 weeks, so saves you the pennies so you can indulge in the mani too maybe…

    Thank you to the girls at Hollie Parkes Beauty for the most gorgeous afternoon of pampering. I can’t wait to come back to the salon and be looked after by you again soon. 

    Ladies, if you’d love to check out Hollie Parkes Beauty, you can follow them on instagram here. I know its one you’ll love.

    CL x


    I was invited to Hollie Parkes Beauty to preview some of their new treatments.

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