• A guide to jade rolling

    I mentioned in my last blog post about my love for my jade roller, and I got so many questions about how I use it, why I chose the Jade roller I have and just a little bit of general love around it, so I thought I would dedicate this post to my beloved Jade roller, and explain my guide to using it.

    I first started using a Jade Roller when I had a facial workout at Face Gym (who even knew face workouts were a thing?) They didn’t use the exact same roller, they actually used this Gold Derma Roller, which I also loved, but it got me researching the benefits of facial rollers and I realised they weren’t just a trend that we see on good ol’ instagram. After reading about many different options, including Rose Quartz, Gold and Jade, I decided to start with the Jade Roller.

    Jade Rolling has actually been used used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine. Theres many reasons why people choose to use a Jade roller, one being that the gemstone has been used to draw out negative energy and balance your ‘chi,’ something you’ll know all about if you’ve ever trained in hot stone massage. Jade is also said to help with anxiety and fatigue. However, the reason I decided to give rolling a go was for the benefits it had on my skin. After my facial workout my skin looked so much less puffy and the area where I had a bit of congestion on my skin, had completely cleared up.

    Lymphatic Drainage

    Massaging your face with a Jade Roller has been scientifically proven to help with draining the extra fluid that collects around your eyes and cheeks reducing and getting rid of toxins. I keep my Jade roller in the fridge overnight, then each morning when its cold, I apply a serum, then use the roller to massage it into my skin in an upwards/outwards motion. I tend to do each section 3 times.

    Reduces Under Eye Darkness

    Using the smaller Roller underneath and around the eyes is so refreshing, perfect for tired eyes. I’ve noticed a difference in reduction of under eye darkness. Jade rolling helps with sinus congestion, which under eye darkness can be a side effect of, so this may be why I’ve noticed such a difference.

    Increases Circulation

    One of the many benefits of facial massage is increased circulation. Increasing circulation in the face has anti-aging properties, it gives the appearance of looking more rested, and also aids in soothing inflamed acne.

    Less Stressed

    When I had my facial workout at Face Gym, my therapist told me that I had a lot of tension in my jaw, and that massaging the area with a facial roller alleviates stress related symptoms such as clenched jaw, eye-strain and daytime fatigue.

    One thing I love most about the jade roller is how it helps work my serum into my skin, so above all my skin feels more hydrated, fresh and less stressed.

    Have you tried Jade Rolling and if so what is your verdict?

    CL x

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