• 10 Beauty Resolutions to make in 2019
  • 10 Beauty Resolutions to make in 2019

    As January comes around, I’m sure we all find ourselves committing to new workout regimes, diet overhauls and new goals for the year, but this year I’ve found myself wanting to up my beauty game and what better way to start than making some resolutions that revolve around my beauty regime. If like me you want to create some beauty resolutions that are easy to stick to, then keep reading.


    Cleaning my makeup brushes

    This January, I am making a vow to clean my make up brushes at least once a week to reduce the risk of any unwanted breakouts!

    Lets face it, its one of those mundane tasks that none of us want to get round to, due to how time consuming it can be, but really we need to be washing anything that comes into contact with our face including cloths, sponges, brushes and pillowcases at least once a week!

    My go-to way to clean my make up brushes is to use baby shampoo and warm water, dipping the brush in the shampoo and water, and swirling in the palm of my hand. Depending on how many brushes you have to clean each week, you can also invest in one of these little brush cleaning gloves.

    Be sure to keep the metal at the base of the brush dry to avoid the bristles becoming loose. To dry my brushes, I lay them face down on a towel to avoid water seeping in.

    Remove makeup every night

    As a skincare obsessive, this is one I know the importance of, and can proudly say have stuck to every single day for the last couple of years. It can be hard when you get in from a night out, or you’re already tucked up in bed, the last thing you want to do it go and take your make-up off, but the fact is ‘beauty sleep’ is real. Our skin cells regenerate faster at night than during the day, meaning our skin cells renew, and to do this, our skin needs to be clean to avoid potential breakouts.

    I love to have an evening skincare routine, but to avoid sleeping in make up at all costs, if necessary keep a packet of make up wipes next to your bed.

    Double cleansing

    If you follow skincare and beauty blogger, @ahintofjasmine (www.ahintofjasmine.com) you’ll know she recently posted about to cleanse or to double cleanse? Contrary to popular belief, double cleansing isn’t just a brands way of getting us to buy twice the product but in fact what the dermatologists recommend. When we go for a professional facial, our therapists will never only cleanse once, so why should we at home?

    Double cleansing involves using a cleansing oil, balm or micellar water to break down make-up, SPF and sebum on the surface of the skin first, then following it with a deeper water-based cleanse to remove sweat, bacteria and old skin cells. The second cleanse will clean much deeper into the pores to remove any impurities. To help me with this I have been using Magnitone’s fabulous new Bared Faced 2 Daily Cleansing and Skin Toning Brush! Not only does it have a sensitive cleansing mode, it also has a deep pore cleansing mode giving your face a workout at the same time and my skin has glowed since the first time I used it. 


    For beauty-lovers, makeup application is a form of art and a world without make up would definitely be less interesting, but luckily for our skin, the no makeup-makeup trend is huge this season and is definitely one I am going to be trying out to give my skin a break more often this year.

    I have a blog post coming soon on my favourite way to achieve a No Makeup-Makeup look, but for me its all about the skincare underneath.

    Cooler Showers

    I am so guilty of turning the temperature of my shower up to maximum, or running a hot bath and bathing for an hour, but recently learnt that doing this strips your skin of its natural oils, leaving our skin dry, and its also not great for our hair. A cold shower = glossy hair!

    This year I am going to try and reduce my cosy bathing and try to always apply a body lotion or oil whilst my skin is still slightly damp to lock in even more moisture.

    Body Brushing

    I’ve been a fan of body brushing for a while, my skin feels so much smoother when I’ve spent a few minutes body brushing before I get in the shower. It also has so many health benefits too, improving circulation, preventing ingrown hairs, helping us to tone up, and it can also boost our immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system, helping us remove bacteria, toxins and waste! Beauty Resolution number 6 is to dry body brush for at least 3 minutes, 3 x per week.


    In 2019 I am making sun protection part of my daily routine enough so it starts to feel natural. I have been using Mario Badescu oil free moisturiser on my skin for a few months which has an SPF in, but if anybody has any recommendations of a great facial sunscreen I’d love to hear them. 90% of how our skin ages is down to sun exposure.

    Beauty Cabinet Clear Out

    I recently posted an instagram story of my beauty cabinet and am ashamed to say thats not even a half of it, probably not even a quarter. This January I am going to do a huge beauty cabinet clear out and declutter. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, and find myself becoming attached to the aesthetics and not being able to throw anything away – even if its empty, or out of date!

    The majority of makeup and skincare products will have a PAO symbol, showing an open jar and the timeframe you need to use the product within before it goes off, and its really not as long as you think. 

    Less Heat

    After weeks of daily styling, washing, drying, curling and straightening throughout party season, I am all for giving my hair a break. Alongside the natural beauty, no makeup-makeup trend, I am also going to make a vow to use less heat on my hair this year. I no longer use heat on my hair every day and I am finding myself spending longer blowdrying my hair so I get second day waves. I am also going to try and do hydrating treatments once a week, and let my hair dry naturally where I can.

    More Water

    … and the one we all know we should be doing – drinking more water! I’m hoping my cute new water bottle will help me with this, and I am also going to be infusing my water with fruit, cucumber, lemon, mint and making my own version of Starbucks iced green tea.

    Do you have any New Years beauty resolutions that you are making this year?

    CL x

    (This post includes gifted items, but as always all views are my own)


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