• Beauty hacks for busy women

    Living life in the fast lane often means we don’t always have the time to spend on our beauty routine, especially when there can be so many steps involved. But being busy shouldn’t mean we can’t still look polished and effortless. Here are my top 10 tips for staying gorgeous even if you don’t have the time.

    1. 2 in 1 Products

    2 in 1 products can not only be a time saver, but a real life saver. They do exactly what they say they do, act as 2 in 1, meaning your beauty routine is already halved in time. Even if I’m not in a rush, I like to take 2 in 1 products with me when travelling, as they take up half the space too. My go to 2-1 products are a bronzer that can also act as a contouring product, a skin cleanser that also acts as an exfoliator and a conditioner that can also act as a hair mask. Speaking of 2 in 1, the new Dyson Air Wrap drys and styles hair at the same time, meaning you can be ready in 10-15 minutes, one I also need to try!

    1. Dry Shampoo

    I’m not saying to use this every day, but if you go to the gym a lot, or you tend to wash your hair every day, dry shampoo can be a real time saver, not to mention better for you than washing your hair every day. I also find dry shampoo gives my hair more volume. To make my hair routine as low maintenance as possible, I like to put my hair in heated rollers after I’ve dried it, it tends to stay curled for the next couple of days and I just add a little dry shampoo to it each morning.

    1. Get a Gel Manicure

    If its your nails you find yourself spending too much time on, or not enough time to get them how you want them, then I can’t recommend a gel/shellac manicure enough. It will last 2-3 weeks, completely chip free, meaning your nails will look beautiful and polished for weeks at a time. Its also great for your nails as it keeps them strong, less breakage. Plus, who has time to sit and wait for nail polish to dry.

    1. Upping Your Eyebrow Game

    If you find yourself having to fill your eyebrows in daily, time yourself and see how long it takes you. I know it takes me around 5-10 minutes to perfect eyebrows especially if I want to get them even. Getting your eyebrows done, whether its tinted or micro-bladed will take the stress out of your daily eyebrow routine, meaning you have an extra 5-10 minutes to your day.

    1. No-Makeup Makeup 

    This is something I’m actually loving this year, if you haven’t heard me go on about it enough. Day to day I’ve been mixing my moisturiser with CC cream to create a dewy base, it leaves my skin looking so natural, hides any blemishes and gives the look of a flawless complexion in 2 minutes. Perfect if you don’t have time for a full make up look but don’t want to leave the house bare faced.

    1. Castor Oil

    Castor Oil is your new best friend. Put it on your lashes, brows, hair for hair growth – it also makes lashes and brows appear thicker. Its also a great moisturiser, so if you want soft hands and feet, apply it before bed, not to mention it works as a great cuticle oil. 

    1. De-Puffing

    Do you ever wake up and feel like your eyes look puffy, making you look tired, or your face looks swollen. My favourite thing to fix this within 5 minutes in Jade Rolling. I could talk about my jade roller for days, I love it. Its up there as one of my best beauty buys, not only is it great for circulation, it makes an amazing facial massage and completely de-puffs my face! I put it in the fridge as if feels so nice on the skin. If you don’t have a Jade roller, you can do a similar thing with ice. Get a piece of ice out of the freezer and massage your face focusing on the puffy areas – eyes, cheek bones, jaw line.

    1. Lash Extensions

    Lash extensions are great time savers. Admittedly they take a couple of hours to apply, but I’d much rather be lay on a nice heated couch letting my lash therapist apply my lashes, rather than spending 5 minutes each morning applying mascara, then 10 minutes every evening trying to remove the mascara. Also 15 minutes per day on mascara over 3 weeks amounts to a lot more hours than a lash appointment every 3 weeks.

    1. Lipstick That Lasts

    Applying a lip liner under lipstick will give you lipstick that lasts all day. I’ve recently been using Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Lip Liner, some days just on its own, it has such a creamy consistency, but really does last on the lips and doesn’t dry them out at all.

    1. Glow & Go

    My final tip for any busy ladies that love to tan, is to use a tan with a moisturiser in. It completely saves time rather than having to moisturise each night and tan every few days, a gradual tan that can be topped up every couple of days will keep your skin soft and hydrated, yet also glowing and bronzed.

    Anything for an extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning! What are your favourite beauty hacks?


    CL x



    1. February 7, 2019 / 6:23 pm

      Oh my gosh yes, I swear by dry shampoo. Thanks for sharing this, I’m going to research castor oil as this sounds like I need it on my dressing table!!

      • bycharlou
        February 7, 2019 / 6:46 pm

        Castor oil is honestly life changing! I’m obsessed! Definitely a must have on your dressing table! Thank you for reading x

    2. February 8, 2019 / 5:45 am

      Great tips especially getting a gel mani! ❤️

      • bycharlou
        February 10, 2019 / 2:14 pm

        Gel manis are my go to! So quick and easy x

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